My name is Sean Michael Johnson and I am the son of a beautiful biracial family from Columbus, Ohio. I have spent a good deal of my life to this point studying and practicing art. My process of balance and tension is derived from my background and meant to form an emotional and/ or physical response for the viewer.

If art imitates life, my art is certainly sustained by a need to reinforce humanity. Not only do I endeavor to make work that reflects or refracts rich moments, I want my work to connect with the viewer on a level that reminds them of their own experience. If in my life I am able to help a stranger carry their heavy bags up a flight of stairs as an act of generosity, accordingly in my art I want to help a stranger remember the joy of playing with their favorite toy as a compassionate admonishment (we were all young and innocent once). In sharing my personal experience through my artwork I hope to remind the viewer of their own experience and ultimately form a new experience of synthesis. I am aware that my art is not intensely political or social, however I do believe it is intensely human because of this impetus.